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Man Of Mystery

Lord Phly is a Professional Speaker and Curator whose mission is to leverage his knack for influence by inspiring young entrepreneurs to live an unapologetically D.O.P.E lifestyle through self awareness and creativity. Lord Phly presents an aura and energy of inspiration, giving those readily connected to him motivation to push forward past adversity.

With a unique ability to connect with each and every audience, I AM LORDPHLY is an effective communicator and well-renowned Motivational Speaker. Take a look below to see actual testimonials from previous audiences and businesses.

What Clients Say

 “Lord Phly is a positive energy conductor. His character and presence breeds progression and success for those around him, not just because of his energy but because he will make it his business to help you in any way he can. His daily message is uplifting and oddly always relative to my current situation. Phly is an all around great guy and spirit, and having him around will automatically make you a better version of yourself.”


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