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Art and Murals

Meaningful & Memorable

Along with spreading the message of #nAFbDOPE, LORD PHLY is a talented and skilled artists and muralist who knows how to get  communities inspired through art.

Art and Murals: Speaking

Price List

$50/ Square Foot

Premium Mural

Best for Brands. A crafted original concept mural using the Gucci of spray paint. Lord Phly will walk you through each step and you will have the opportunity to approve the sketch before it hits the wall. Two changes (before mural begins) MAX.

$30/ Square Foot

"Do Ya Thing" Mural

Best for Small Businesses and private collections. Do you already love Lord Phly's style of art work? Well this is the package for you. The initial consult will provide Lord Phly of what you like, colors, and getting to know you a bit to provide the best mural possible.

Starting at $500


Commission Lord Phly for an original piece on canvas using mixed media. Price varies by size of canvas.

Art and Murals: Price List
Art and Murals: Gallery
Art and Murals: Instagram
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